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September/October 2017 Eye Lash Magazine, Counter Intelligence, PremierLash Caddie (pg. 30), So Lash Year, Color Spectrum (pg. 35), 5 Star Gadgets for Lash Artists, PremierLash Ergonomic Spa Pillow (pg. 38), PremierLash 10% discount Ad (pg. 43)

July/August 2017 Eye Lash Magazine, Master Class, Know Your Curls (pg. 16), Lash Curl Primer (pg. 18), Got Volume? Ad (pg. 22)

May/June 2017 Eye Lash Magazine, Turn Up The Volume - PremierLash Triple Volume Lashes (pg. 34), Lash Forward (pg. 43), Now Trending Color Match Lashes(pg. 44), Got Volume? Ad (pg. 37)

March/April 2017 Eye Lash Magazine Ad index

January/February 2017 Eye Lash Magazine, Protective Products - PremierLash Ergonomic Spa Pillow, Ceramic Sharpening Stone

November/December 2016 Eye Lash Magazine, Nutritional Volume Up Mascara, Festival of Brights - PremierLash Color Match Lashes

September 2016 IBS Market Showcase &Spotlight Section - PremierLash Sleep Masks

August/September 2016 Eye Lash Magazine, Sleep Support - PremierLash Sleep Masks, Essentials for Extension Techs - Premier LED Magnifiers

August 2016 American Spa, Spotlight Section - PremierLash Sleep Masks

June 2016 IBS Market Showcase

May/June 2016 EyeLash Magazine, Shop Around & Top Body Builders featuring PremierLash Healthy Lash & Brow

May 2016 Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, Lash Guide featuring PremierLash Healthy Lash & Brow and Protective Sleep Masks

March/April 2016 EyeLash Magazine, Good to Go, featuring PremierLash Grooming Packs

March 2016 IBS Market Showcase

February 2016 American Spa Magazine, EVERLASTING LASHES PremierLash Healthy Lash & Brow

January/February 2016 Eye Lash Magazine, Pick up the Pace with Lash Platform & Under Cover featuring PremierLash Gel Eye Pads and PremierLash Crescent Eye Pads

January 2016 American Spa Salon Treatments. When it comes to lash conditioners, it's what's inside that really counts - PremierLash Healthy Lash & Brow

December 2015 American Spa FINALIST AWARD, Voted Best Lash Extensions by Professionals & IBS Market Showcase, EyeLash Magazine Shop Around

November 2015 IBS Market Showcase, Lash Inc Journal "Lash Box" featuring PremierLash Gel & PremierLash Crescent Eye Pads

October 2015 EyeLash Magazine Shop Around

September 2015 IBS Market Showcase

August/September 2015 EyeLash Magazine, Buyers Guide PremierBotanicals Herbal Cleanser, Essential 2015 PremierLash Cleansing Brush and Shop Around

July 2015 American Spa Magazine Spa Shop

June/July 2015 EyeLash Magazine Shop Around & American Spa Magazine Spa Shop

April 2015 EyeLash Magazine Shop Around

March 2015 IBS Market Showcase (Decorative Strip Lashes), Spotlight (Ergonomic Spa Pillow) & Spa Watch - American Spa Magazine