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What Are Lash Extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions are a professional salon service, performed by licensed cosmetologists, aestheticians and specially trained lash artists. Each extension is applied one at a time to your natural lashes, providing an immediate visual transformation. Today's extensions are velvety soft and virtually weightless for a full, natural look, requiring fewer fills or salon visits.

A full set typically consists of 120-150 lashes per eye, with sessions lasting 1 1/2 - 3 hours, depending upon the technique used and number of lashes applied. When done correctly, extensions should last 3-5 weeks. This is based on the growth cycle of your natural lashes, the expertise of your lash stylist and most important; your care & maintenance between visits.

Insist your stylist use only PremierLash products.

Lash Maintenance:

Every 30-45 days approximately 1/3 of your natural lashes shed with a new lash replacing the old. As a result, routine maintenance is required to keep your lashes full. Higher quality, small diameter lashes require fewer fills typically every 3-5 weeks. These appointments last 30 min. to 1 hour.

Your lash extensions should look and feel completely natural and never sag, twist or feel heavy. If you experience any pinching, pulling, redness, swelling or discomfort of any kind - contact your stylist immediately.

Common questions:.

Question/Topic: How do I select a good stylist?


Lash extensions are a highly specialized salon service, performed by professional cosmetologists, aestheticians or lash specialists. Regulations vary by individual State Boards. Be sure to verify your stylist is certified; ask to see their license and certification if it is not posted!

Ask how long have they been doing lashes? A quality stylist will meet with you for a consultation, take a customer history and have a waiver or release form. Ask to see their portfolio, don’t be afraid to ask them for a referral from current clients.

Are the facilities clean and well ventilated? Lashes should be applied in a separate room away from other harsh salon chemicals i.e. nails/hair color to reduce the chance of a reaction. Sterile tools should be used for every client, never shared.

Question/Topic: Will I lose my natural eyelashes?


No, when applied correctly, lash extensions do NOT have an adverse effect on your natural lashes. Damage occurs when natural lashes are glued together using thick diameter extensions. These are too heavy for the natural lash to hold, or, prematurely tear another natural lash from the follicle resulting in thinning, downward growth or premature loss. Specialized training is required.

Question/Topic: What should I ask about the products used?


Size matters! Natural lashes are small, generally between .07 and .10 mm in diameter, making smaller diameters (.15 or smaller) the best choice. This allows your stylist to apply more lashes (100+), and will last longer requiring fewer fills of 3-5 weeks. These can be applied in the classic natural look, or, volume lashes for a dramatic and refined appearance.

Thick, heavier extensions (.18 or larger), are too heavy for natural lashes. As the lashes grow out they will start to sag, create downward growth and easily break off your lash. Fewer lashes can be applied (60-70) and need filled every 1-2 weeks.

Eye pads or tape? Eye pads are created specifically for lash services, and should be latex and additive free. Micropore Tape can be difficult or painful to remove and can pull out your lower lashes.

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Question/Topic: Does Lash Adhesive contain Formaldehyde?


PremierLash adhesives are made in the USA and are not formulated with formaldehyde. Our medical-grade adhesives are derived from the same adhesives used by surgeons for suture-less closures. These adhesives have low to no fumes with rubberized polymers for flexibility, bending with the natural lash. To further minimize exposure, steps are taken during manufacturing using the highest quality medical grade ingredients (ROHS or ISO Certified).

All Cyanoacrylate adhesives develop low levels of formaldehyde, created as a by-product and measured in ppm (parts per million), or levels that are considered negligible and safe by USA Health Standards.

PremierLash™ is dedicated to your safety, please contact us if you require a list of ingredients.

Question/Topic: Are the extensions glued to my skin?


No, the lash extensions are applied 1-3mm away from the lash line, directly to a natural lash. At no point should the adhesive ever contact the skin. If the lashes are attached to your skin, these extensions should be removed by a professional immediately.

If you feel any pinching, or pulling, it is a sign that 2 or more natural lashes are glued together. Call your stylist to have them checked - do not attempt to separate the lashes yourself, you could pull out your natural lashes.

Question/Topic: I've worn flares (tabs/clusters/strips) can the damage be repaired?


Yes, in most cases. New lash growth is very delicate and requires time to heal. Several options are available ranging from lash serums to very fine lash extensions. Consult with a licensed professional regarding your treatment options.

Question/Topic: I pull out my natural lashes, can I wear lash extensions?


Because lash extensions are applied to natural lashes, consult your stylist regarding which options are best for you. Today’s super-fine extensions and improved, flexible adhesives eliminates the stiff, uncomfortable glue line, reducing the tendency to pick at your lashes.

Question/Topic: Can I wear makeup or mascara?


Yes, however, lash extensions are meant to replace mascara. Use mascara or Sealants sparingly and apply only to the tips, or lower lashes. Do not use Coatings or Sealants with mascara. NEVER use waterproof mascara.

Use Oil-Free makeup, removers and moisturizers as the oils will break down the adhesive causing your extensions to fall off early.

Question/Topic: Can I still use a lash curler?


Today's extensions do not lose their curl. A mechanical lash curler will crimp the lashes, breaking the adhesive bond and possibly your natural lashes. Only heated lash curlers should be used. Ask your stylist about other curls available if you are not satisfied.

Question/Topic: How do I clean my lash extensions?


Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. Daily cleansing is a must to prevent irritation and ensure your extensions last. To clean; apply a small amount of oil free makeup remover to your cleansing brush. Gently brush through lashes from the base of lashes to tips, and along the lash line. Rinse with warm water.

Use a clean mascara wand for grooming after washing your face or applying makeup. Support lashes with your finger, curling them in an upward motion.

*Oil based products trap makeup dirt and oils, creating buildup and can break down the adhesive, causing your lash extensions to fall out prematurely. Speak with your stylist for details.

Question/Topic: Can I remove the lashes myself?


No, this should only be done by a professional to prevent damage to your natural lashes. Removal generally takes 20 -30 minutes.

Question/Topic: How do I prepare for my appointment?


Remove all makeup and moisturizers. Avoid caffeinated drinks - you will want to be relaxed. It is recommended you use the restroom prior to your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing to make the most of your relaxation & pampering.

*Important: Contacts must be removed prior to your appointment. Fumes become trapped under the lens, causing irritation, redness and swelling.

Question/Topic: Appointment Etiquette:


Arrive early - allow ample time to check in, fill out any forms and relax. Be courteous - turn off or silence your cell phone for your appointment. Keep talking to a minimum, as this may cause you eye pad to shift leading to irritation. Please do not bring children.

Question/Topic: Lash Growth Cycle:


The average adult typically has 100-250 eyelashes in the upper lid and 35-70 eyelashes in the lower lid. Your lashes not only frame the eye aesthetically, but filter out foreign objects to protect your eyes. All hair follows a three phase growth cycle- Anagen, Catagen & Telogen, which lasts from eight to twelve weeks.

  • Anagen Phase: The Anagen phase is the Growth phase, when lashes are actively growing and can last from 30-45 days. Only about 40% of upper and 15% of lower lashes are in the Anagen phase at any time. Each lash will grow to a specific length then stop.
  • Catagen Phase: The Catagen phase is the transition between growth and resting of the hair follicle. During this time, the lash stops growing and the follicle begins to shrink. When an eyelash falls out, or is plucked out during this phase, regrowth can be delayed. The follicle needs to complete the Catagen phase before the next can begin.
  • Telogen Phase: The Telogen phase is the Resting phase. In this cycle, the lash is retained in the hair follicle as a dead or club hair, until falling out naturally. Because each individual lash is in its own growth phase, or cycle, it is normal to lose a few lashes daily.

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