30 Grooming Packs | Display Included


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Lash Care Instructions | 25pc.

$6.25 (USD)

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Lash Cleansing Brush | Tapered Tip

Modernizing how lashes are cleaned!  A gentle approach to lash cleansing.  

Salon exclusive.  Cleaning lashes has never been easier! Our cleansing brush features a chiseled, tapered head with rounded corners. The soft nylon bristles gently brush through the lashes from the base to tips of extensions, penetrating those hard to reach area's.

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Designed to eliminate the buildup of makeup, liners & mascara. 

$5.75 (USD)

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Lash Stylist Heated Lash Curler | USB Rechargeable

Salon Lash Care Kits, choose of Tea Tree or Herbal Facial Cleanser.  Along with your favorite lash-friendly products to keep lashes looking their best between fills.   Exquisitely packaged and ready for retail. 

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All kits include our travel friendly mascara wands/ grooming pack & zip tote bag  

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Silver Mascara Brush | Qty 10

Perfect for grooming upper/lower lashes & brows. 

4" wood handle with soft bristles & tapered head, storage container included.

$15.00 (USD)

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Tear Drop Mascara Wands | 50pc.

$5.95 (USD)

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Flocked Applicators | 100pc.

Multi purpose beauty application tool. 

Used to apply primer, cleanser and spot removal of unwanted lashesThe flocked material is a non-linting, non-absorbent material specially designed to eliminate drips, spills & waste during your lash application. 

• Professional Quality:  100pc.



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Cosmetic Micro Brush | Super Fine, Fine & Regular Size

Used to apply primers, cleansers and in the precision spot removal of unwanted lashes. A lint-free, non-absorbent fiber eliminates drips, spills and waste.

Convenient shake dispenser releases one applicator at a time, reducing cross contamination.

• Super Fine (1mm), Fine (1.5) & Regular (2mm)
• 100 pcs/container

Made in the USA

$6.95 (USD)

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