PREMIER BOND 5g | Medical Grade Adhesive

PremierBOND™ Medical Grade Adhesive is our most popular and highest performing adhesive for Classic and Stacking Techniques.

Professional use only.  Stylist/Salons must have a lash certificate and/or state board license on file before order is released.  

Clinically formulated by the leaders in medical adhesives. Facility is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:20003 Approved. ISO 10993-5 Certified.  Medically approved ingredients. 

Designed for maximum bonding strength and flexibility using pulverized rubber polymers.  Ideal for Classic and Stacking Techniques.

$72.00 (USD)

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PREMIER SUPREME | Volume Adhesive, 10ml

PREMIER SUPREME Adhesive grabs the lash instantly for volume and mega volume lash treatments. Works well in either humid or arid climates.  Clinically formulated with minimal fumes and flexible structure for long-lasting hold.

Professional use only.  Stylists/Salons must have a lash certificate and/or state board license on file before order is released.

Designed for Advanced Volume & Mega Volume Lashes, yet versatile enough for classic and stacking techniques.  Clinically Formulated for maximum bonding strength

$52.00 (USD)

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Micro Applicators | 10pc.

For use with PremierLash Adhesives.

Instructions: Push micro dosing tip on top of the nozzle portion of the bottle until it tightly clicks in place. Remove Applicator at the end of your lash procedure. Designed to be cut or pierced to reopen the nozzle.

• Qty 10 disposable applicators

$8.60 (USD)

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Piercing Tips | 10pc.

Qty 10 Piercing Tip

$4.95 (USD)

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Lash Primer | 30ml/1oz

Lash Primer is designed as a pre-treatment to remove residual cosmetics & natural oils prior to applying lash extensions.

• Pre-treatment for lash extensions
• Use with cleansing brush or lint free applicator
• 30ml /1oz.

$14.99 (USD)

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Tea Tree Cleanser & Cleansing Brush

Get the best out of  your lash extension by keeping your lashes clean and healthy.  Lash extensions don't cause bacterial infections but improper hygiene does.  

 Luxurious light weight foam cleanser with Tea Tree Extract & other natural ingredients.  Effectively strips away dirt, oil, makeup and allergens leaving skin feeling fresh & clean.   Formulated to keep the lash line clean preventing bacteria build up & blepharitis while promoting lash & eyelid health.   Multi purposed, soothes dry eye and blepharitis symptoms by washing away residue.  

Also, use before your lash services to prime the lashes for great retention. No reason to use a primer, formulation strips sway any oily residue and hydrates the lashes.  Even removes waterproof makeup and pH balanced to the eye to minimize irritation. 

1.7oz (50ml) Bottle & Cleansing Brush
Labeled in English, French & Spanish.

Paraben Free. Made in S. Africa.

$14.99 (USD)

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Eyelash Cream Remover, 15ml

Cream formula to remove unwanted lashes.  Gentle, yet very effective in spot removal or in removing  the entire set of lashes. 

Clinically formulated to safely dissolve cyanoacrylate adhesives without damaging the natural lash.

Thick Removal Cream stays on the lash preventing the remover from getting into the clients eyes.  Acetone free, nontoxic and and suitable for all skin types.


$17.99 (USD)

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Eyelash Gel Remover, 15ml

Fast acting Gel formula to remove unwanted lashes.  Spot removal or entire set, clinically formulated to safely dissolve cyanoacrylate adhesive.  

Once dissolved, extension slides off without damaging the natural lash.  

Thick Gel formula stays on the lash to prevent the remover from getting into the clients eyes.  Acetone free formula.  Nontoxic & suitable for all skin types.  


$14.99 (USD)

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16 Hole Glue Tray, 25pc

16 Hole Glue Tray

• Qty. 25pc

$9.99 (USD)

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Adhesive Crown | 25PC.

Adhesive Volume Crown | 25PC.

Designed for Volume & Mega Volume Fans.  Simply dip lashes in adhesive cup and run fan through V to align base. 

25 per package, disposable





$9.99 (USD)

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PremierLash Glue Stickers | 70pc.

PremierLash™ Disposable Glue Stickers

• 70 per roll

$11.99 (USD)

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Glue Wells | 25pc.

Widely used in both the medical and dental professions to hold small amounts of solutions.

Ideal for adhesive, primer or remover.

• Qty. 25, 4 well trays

$7.75 (USD)

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Adhesive Crystal | Purple

Adhesive Crystal is 2 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick.

• Reusable & easy to sanitize

$6.00 (USD)

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Lash Curing | Nano Mister

The PremierLash Nano Mister works to accelerate and solidify the polymerization of glue within seconds. The cloud-like, ultra fine mist cures our PremierLash adhesive's, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities.

The nano-diameter of the water particles rapidly sets cyanoacrylate adhesives (polymerization). Simply mist the lashes as the final step to your lash services, or as needed during your treatment.

Hold the Nano Mister upright and 10-12 inches (20-30cm) inches from clients eyes. Sweep from eye to eye, in a circular motion to mist clients lashes from all angles for 30 seconds (automatic shut off 30 seconds). Ultra fine mist soothes tired eyes as it instantly cures the adhesive.

$34.99 (USD)

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Scientific Hygro-Thermometer | Mini Clock

Hygro-Thermometer Mini Clock is a must-have item for lash extensions. Clock monitors the rooms environment. Temperature and humidity directly affects how cyanoacrylate adhesives behave, dry and cure.

In order to create the optimal environment for lashes, temperature and humidity must be regulated.

• Desktop or wall mount - bracket included
• Measures time, temperature & humidity
• Accuracy: ±6%RH; ±1.8°F, ±1°C
• 1 Year Warranty

$34.99 (USD)

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