Large Lash Mirror

Get a new Perspective, Instructor & Stylist Mirror.  

Viewing your work from different angles has never been easier. Over size mirror allows you to identity any problem areas or separation issues. 

• Mirror Size:  2 1/2" Long X 1 1/2" Wide
• Surgical Stainless Steel

$16.95 (USD)

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LED Lash Mirror | White or Red

Get a new perspective to view your work!! It has never been easier than with Premier's LED Light Mirror. The mirrored lighted allows you to identify any problems or separation issues.  Professional grade. 

• LED Light Mirror
• White or Red.  Surgical Stainless Steel
• LED light, 2 AAA batteries not included

$19.95 (USD)

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Magnified Lash Mirror

Magnified Lash Mirror:  The added magnification allows you to more easily identify any problems or separation issues without straining your eyes.  

• Surgical Stainless Steel
• Magnified Mirror

$14.95 (USD)

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