Dumont | 5A Inox Curved Textured Grip 4.53"

$49.60 (USD)

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Dumont | SS/45 Inox Angled 5.24"

5.2402" Inox Brushed Surgical Steel Forceps

High precision Medical Grade Forceps, Angled 45º, super fine tip. Inox Medical Steel is known for it's high resistance to corrosion and durability of tips. Tweezers are light weight with a loose camber to reduce hand fatigue. The 45º angled, super fine tip was designed specifically for lash extensions. Perfect for volume lashes.

• 5.2402" Inox Surgical Steel Forceps
• Autoclave-able
• Anti-Static
• Non-Magnetic

$46.80 (USD)

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Dumont | SS Inox Straight Textured Grip 5.314"


$57.00 (USD)

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