PremierSpa | Sand Wash Satin Pillowcase - Sand

PremierSpa Ivory Sand Wash Satin pillowcase specially made to fit Therapeutic Sleep Pillow.

Fits:  Average/Medium size Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Color:  Sand

$14.95 (USD)

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PremierSpa | Silver Vinyl Pillowcase

PremierSpa™  Silver Lightning Pillowcase specially made to fit Average/Med Size Therapeutic Spa Pillow. Our custom fitted pillowcase saves time and money. Easy cleanup, simply wipe down between services!

Easy Cleaning: Use antibacterial soap, CaviCide or MetriCide disinfecting wipes between clients.


$19.95 (USD)

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Therapeutica Pillow | Medium Size

Elongated side panels are perfect for supplies and provide a stable work place for adhesive, lashes, primer etc. Ergonomic design greatly enhances client comfort, no more restless achy clients.

Regular Price/MSRP $95.32

Indented center cavity minimizes movement, adding efficiency to your service.  Center cavity allows for side to side and tilt movement for proper placement of lashes including hard to reach areas.  

• Made from non-allergenic, non-toxic memory foam
Ergonomically designed for spinal alignment providing comfort, support & stability

$84.95 (USD)

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