PremierSpa | Silver Vinyl Pillowcase

PremierSpa™  Silver Lightning Pillowcase specially made to fit Therapeutic Spa Pillow. Our custom fitted pillowcase saves time and money. Easy cleanup, simply wipe down between services!

Easy Cleaning: Use antibacterial soap, CaviCide or MetriCide disinfecting wipes between clients.


$31.95 (USD)

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Therapeutica Pillow

Elongated side panels are perfect for supplies and provide a stable work place for adhesive, lashes, primer etc. Ergonomic design greatly enhances client comfort, no more restless achy clients.

Indented center cavity minimizes movement, adding efficiency to your service.  Center cavity allows for side to side and tilt movement for proper placement of lashes including hard to reach areas.  

• Made from non-allergenic, non-toxic memory foam
Ergonomically designed for spinal alignment providing comfort, support & stability

$95.32 (USD)

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