Duo Foam Herbal Cleanser + Cleansing Brush 1.7oz

PremierLash™ Herbal Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser is an all natural & oil-free, herbal makeup remover. Specially formulated for eyelash extensions this pH balanced (non stinging) formula contains Anti-Oxidants, EyeBright, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel & other Herbal Extracts. Formula nourishes as it gently cleans. No added color, fragrance, dyes or oils.

Instantly removes all makeup, aqueous solution leaves skin feeling fresh & clean. Includes PremierLash Cleansing Brush.

Labeled in English, French & Spanish.
Size: 1.7oz (50ml)

$29.95 (USD)

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Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse | Foam Cleanser 80ml

Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser is a unique cleansing formula that effectively removes eye make-up, including water-proof mascara, and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of blepharitis.

Gel formula contains tea tree and citrus extracts. Hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.

$25.00 (USD)

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Lash Cleansing Brush | Tapered Tip

Perfecting the way lashes are cleaned! The PremierLash™ Cleansing Brush has a finely chiseled, tapered head with rounded corners. Ultra-soft nylon bristles gently reach in between lashes from base to tip, penetrating hard to reach area's. Designed by PremierLash to eliminate buildup of makeup, liners & mascara.

5" handle with soft nylon head with travel/storage container.

$11.50 (USD)

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Grooming Pack

PremierLash Full Head Grooming Pack -keep lashes perfectly groomed between fills.

Each Pack includes 5 straight full head mascara wands.

$1.50 (USD)

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Silver Mascara Brush

Ideal for keeping lashes groomed between fills.

4" wood handle with a soft nylon head, storage container included.

$12.95 (USD)

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Large Full Head Mascara Wands | 100pc.

Large Strait Full Head Mascara Wands - soft bristles & tapered tip

Lashes & Brows:  Long bristles prevent snagging allowing you to comb through layers of extensions.  Tapered tip for inner corners & touch-ups. Perfect for grooming upper/lower lashes and brows.  

• Qty. 100

$13.99 (USD)

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