Duo Foam Herbal Cleanser + Cleansing Brush 1.7oz

PremierLash™ Herbal Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser is an all natural & oil-free, herbal makeup remover. Specially formulated for eyelash extensions this pH balanced (non stinging) formula contains Anti-Oxidants, EyeBright, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel & other Herbal Extracts. Formula nourishes as it gently cleans. No added color, fragrance, dyes or oils.

Instantly removes all makeup, aqueous solution leaves skin feeling fresh & clean. Includes PremierLash Cleansing Brush.

Labeled in English, French & Spanish.
Size: 1.7oz (50ml)

$29.95 (USD)

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Tea Tree Cleanser & Cleansing Brush

Get the best out of  your lash extension by keeping your lashes clean and healthy.  Lash extensions don't cause bacterial infections but improper hygiene does.  

 Luxurious light weight foam cleanser with Tea Tree Extract & other natural ingredients.  Effectively strips away dirt, oil, makeup and allergens leaving skin feeling fresh & clean.   Formulated to keep the lash line clean preventing bacteria build up & blepharitis while promoting lash & eyelid health.   Multi purposed, soothe dry eye and blepharitis symptoms by washing away residue.   

Even removes waterproof makeup and pH balanced to the eye to minimize irritation. 

1.7oz (50ml) Bottle & Cleansing Brush
Labeled in English, French & Spanish.

Paraben Free. Made in S. Africa.

$24.95 (USD)

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Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse | Foam Cleanser 80ml

Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser is a unique cleansing formula that effectively removes eye make-up, including water-proof mascara, and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of blepharitis.

Gel formula contains tea tree and citrus extracts. Hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.

$25.00 (USD)

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Lash Cleansing Brush | Tapered Tip

Perfecting the way lashes are cleaned! The PremierLash™ Cleansing Brush has a finely chiseled, tapered head with rounded corners. Ultra-soft nylon bristles gently reach in between lashes from base to tip, penetrating hard to reach area's. Designed by PremierLash to eliminate buildup of makeup, liners & mascara.

5" handle with soft nylon head with travel/storage container.

$11.50 (USD)

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Large Full Head Mascara Wands | 100pc.

Large Strait Full Head Mascara Wands - soft bristles & tapered tip

Lashes & Brows:  Long bristles prevent snagging allowing you to comb through layers of extensions.  Tapered tip for inner corners & touch-ups. Perfect for grooming upper/lower lashes and brows.  

• Qty. 100

$13.99 (USD)

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