PREMIER BOND 5g | Medical Grade Adhesive

PremierBOND™ Medical Grade Adhesive is our most popular and highest performing adhesive for Classic and Stacking Techniques.

Professional use only.  Stylist/Salons must have a lash certificate and/or state board license on file before order is released.  

Clinically formulated by the leaders in medical adhesives. Facility is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:20003 Approved. ISO 10993-5 Certified.  Medically approved ingredients. 

Designed for maximum bonding strength and flexibility using pulverized rubber polymers.  

$90.00 (USD)

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PREMIER SUPREME | Volume Adhesive, 10ml

PREMIER SUPREME Adhesive grabs the lash instantly for volume and mega volume lash treatments. Works well in either humid or arid climates.  Clinically formulated with minimal fumes and flexible structure for long-lasting hold.

Professional use only.  Stylists/Salons must have a lash certificate and/or state board license on file before order is released.

Designed for Advanced Volume & Mega Volume Lashes, yet versatile enough for classic and stacking techniques.  Clinically Formulated for maximum bonding strength

$65.00 (USD)

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Micro Applicators | 10pc.

Dosing Tips give you greater control over amount of adhesive that is dispensed, generating less waste. 

Applicators restrict the flow allowing you to create a much small adhesive ball, keeping your adhesive fresher during your application.

Instructions:  Push micro dosing tip on top of the nozzle portion of the bottle until it tightly clicks in place.  

Designed for dispensing small amounts of fluid.  

• Qty 10 disposable applicators

$8.60 (USD)

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Piercing Tips | 10pc.

Prevent your adhesive bottle from clogging. 

Sharp needle cuts through dry adhesive and reopens hole. 

Qty 10 Piercing Tips

$4.95 (USD)

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