16 Hole Glue Tray, 25pc

Glue Wells - 16 teardrop indentations for the perfect amount of adhesive and one large inner well. 

Teardrop shape helps aligning the base of extensions for volume & mega-volume lashes. 

• 2" diameter
• Qty. 25pc

$9.95 (USD)

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Adhesive Crown | 100pc

Adhesive Volume Crown | 100pc

Designed for Volume & Mega Volume Fans.  Simply dip lashes in adhesive cup and run fan through V to align base. 

100 per package





$9.95 (USD)

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PremierLash Glue Stickers | 70pc.

Specially designed disposable glue stickers.  Clean sanitary method of dispensing adhesive.  Save time without having to clean your glue trays, minimize chemicals! 

Stickers are easy to peel off and disposable. 

• 70 per roll

$11.95 (USD)

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Glue Wells | 25pc.

Widely used in both the medical and dental professions to hold small amounts of solutions.  

Because the exposed surface space is minimized, wells are known to slow down the drying time of adhesive and minimizing waste. Wells are approximately 1/4 inch in depth. Made of medical grade plastic with a flat back for stability.

Disposable, easy cleanup!

• Ideal for adhesive, primer or remover
• Numbered (or lettered) for identification
• Qty 25, 4 well trays

$7.75 (USD)

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Adhesive Crystal | Purple

Accent your workstation with Premier's Adhesive Crystal!  

• 2" diameter and 1/4" thick
• Reusable & easy to sanitize

$6.00 (USD)

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