Protective Tweezer Caps | Soft Rubber, Qty 5

Use protective caps to protect tweezers tips from damage.

• Qty 5 soft rubber caps

$1.00 (USD)

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Tweezer Sharpening Stone | Ceramic

Keep your implements working just like new! 

The sharpening stone files, reshapes, sharpens and removes burs from your tweezers.

Ceramic sharpening stones are very hard & durable with a medium grit.  Stone is only 1/4" thick, a perfect fit and can be used dry, requiring no oils or water.

Stone measures 3" long x 1  1/4" wide x 1/4" thick.

$29.95 (USD)

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Dumont | Protective 3 Tweezers Case

Dumont Protective Tweezers Case, holds 3 pairs of tweezers.

This protective case has a molded foam interior to securely hold your tools, preventing damage. Lightweight wood with white varnish finish. Made in Switzerland.

Reg Price/MSRP $34.95

• For tweezers up to 5 3/4 inches in length
• Case size: 7" x 3" x 1"

$9.95 (USD)

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