Adhesive Storage Container

$7.95 (USD)

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Digital Thermo Hygrometer | Touch Screen

PremierLash Hygro-Thermometer is the perfect tool to optimize your work environment.

Work at your desired speed by optimize your environment.  Display provides 24 hr history min/max humidity (RH) & temperature reading to fine tune your work atmosphere, conditions that directly affect dry time & curing speed for all cyanoacrylate adhesive.

• Measures current and 24 hour min/max temperature (C or F)/trend forecast.
• Built in wall bracket and rear mount magnet.  Portable, battery operated. 
• Easy to read digital display, touch screen operation


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Ultra Bonder, 20ml | Instantly Cures Adhesive


$49.95 (USD)

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Hand Held Fan | 7 Blade

Powerful & Quiet.  Sturdy Construction.  7 blade fan with 3 wind speeds.  USB rechargeable.  

Can be used to used to increase air circulation during lash application to clear away fumes.  Adjustable head for targeted air flow.  

Cute hand held design.  Includes fan, base, usp charging cord and wrist strap.

Working time 8 hours, low.  3 hours, high.  





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Nano Mister | Adhesive Curing

$24.95 (USD)

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Lash Nebulizer | Medical Grade


$74.95 (USD)

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