1/2 oz. | Buffered Sterile Eye Wash

A gentle, buffered, isotonic, sterile eyewash solution.

Eys brand eyewash is Ph balanced, ideal for flushing out any type of irritants or foreign materials. The soothing formula is cooling, relieving any discomfort, burning or stinging. Dispenser tip is designed to give you a controlled flow rate.

• Buffered to neutralize chemicals, wet or dry.
• 1/2oz. (15ml) single dose vials

$1.75 (USD)

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Lash Rinse Bottle

Rinsing lashes has never been easier! Bottle features a leak proof swivel closure & swan neck spout.

• Leak proof swivel closure
• Swan neck spout (tip can be cut for greater flow)
• Labeled Water, Medical/Lab Quality
• Size: 250ml (8.45oz)

$13.95 (USD)

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4 oz. | Ophthalmic Sterile Eye Wash

Medi-First Ophthalmic Solution Eyewash. A gentle, buffered, isotonic, sterile eye wash solution.

Ideal to flush and remove irritants, foreign material and relieve discomfort, burning & stinging.  The soothing formula is cooling, relieving any discomfort, burning or stinging. 

Dispenser tip offers a controlled rate of flow.

• Buffered to neutralize chemicals, either wet or dry
Sterile & Ph balanced
• Three year shelf life
• 4 oz (120ml)

$6.95 (USD)

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Contact Lens Case | 10pc.

The porous nature of contacts act like a sponge by absorbing & trapping fumes.  

To minimize sensitivity and eye irritation; it is extremely important to remove contact lenses prior to lash services.   Provide storage to promote safety and sanitation.

• Qty 10pc.

$2.95 (USD)

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