All the hair on our bodies sheds and re-grows. Each part of the body sheds hair in its own cycle. What about eyelashes? How many eyelashes do my clients (naturally) lose every day and how long does it take to grow them back? First, how many eyelashes do we shed per day? On average, we shed about five natural lashes every day. In a week, that adds up to 35 lashes (that’s about 20% of eyelash extensions from a set). This is considered normal, healthy lash shedding. The lashes that your clients shed are not lost forever. Instead, they are going through a cycle of growth and transition, then rest and repeat. At any given time, we have hairs that are in one of the four growth stages: lash growth This is the phase where the lash growth starts in the skin. You can barely see this stage of lashes. They are in the “infant” stage and are thin, weak, and lack strength. Attaching synthetic lashes must be avoided on the natural lashes in the initial growth phase. Adding weight or stress on these tiny baby lashes can suppress the growth cycle of the lash in the future.