How wearing a mask affects the retention of eyelash extension?


A major change in the lash room scene during and after COVID-19 is that now our clients are required to wear a mask during the application. This one thin sheet of fabric has become an enemy in lash extension retention. Why? Without a mask, the client would breathe normally, and their breath would spread out into the room. However, now with the mask over the clientโ€™s mouth, their breath goes in an upward direction and spreads all over the eye area while you are applying eyelash extensions on them. High humidity in the air makes your eyelash extension glue cure much faster than you planned. As we explained in our previous post, Eyelash extension lash adhesive and humidity, high humidity in your lashroom can cause several issues like shock polymerization, poor attachment, and bad placement of lash extensions. ๐Ÿ’œ Tape down the upper part of the mask using Micropore tape to close down the gap. ๐Ÿ’œ In addition to this, to lower the humidity, follow these guidelines: * Dip glue from a glue palette instead of a glue ring * Use a dehumidifier, fan, or air conditioner * Place moisture absorbers in your lash room * Ventilate often tape

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