😳The Fall lash shed is here! 🌻


😳The Fall shed is here and with the change in seasons, we all tend to shed more lashes. Here are a few ways you can help your clients prepare for the fall shed. πŸ’ͺ • Hydration & Diet - Educate your client about the lash cycle and how their diet and overall health directly affects the health of their lashes. • Grooming Habits – Properly clean lashes daily. PremierLash cleansers include a cleaning brush for heard to reach area's. Sleeping on your back or with a sleep mask. Promote lash extension friendly makeup. • More frequent fills – Work with your clients, if you usually schedule every 3-4 weeks, you may need to increase your fills to 2-3 weeks. Consider using shorter lengths and/or smaller diameters. • Promote a serum – PremierLash Health Lash & Brow is filled with vitamins & peptides that work to extend the growth cycle. autumn shed

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