PremierLash Brand Ambassadors

WHAT MAKES A BRAND AMBASSADOR? PremierLash is always on the lookout for lash artists that stand out among their peers. Because not all eyes are created equal, it takes raw talent and hard work to create an individual look for each client. We are looking for artists who are passionate about our industry, continuing education, their clients’ safety, and the love of lashes!

Instagram is where we look! Let your work speak for itself through different curls, lengths, and colors.

Tag us in your Instagram Photos using #premierlash

High quality photos, keep your images natural

We are actively searching to develop a group of PremierLash Ambassadors worldwide to promote brand awareness, instill best practices and help us shape the advancement of new products. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Brand Ambassador: exquisite esthetics

Exquisite Esthetics

Oklahoma City, OK, United States