Lash Cleansing Brush | Tapered Tip

Modernizing how lashes are cleaned! The PremierLash™ Cleansing Brush has a finely chiseled, tapered head with rounded corners. Soft nylon bristles gently brush through lashes from base to tip, penetrating hard to reach area's. Designed by PremierLash to eliminate buildup of makeup, liners & mascara.

5 inch handle with a soft nylon head, storage container included

$5.75 (USD)

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Silver Mascara Brush

Ideal for keeping lashes groomed between fills or used during your lash service.

4" wood handle with a soft nylon head, storage container included.

$3.99 (USD)

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Large Full Head Mascara Wands | 100pc.

Large Strait Full Head Mascara Wands - soft bristles & tapered tip

Lashes & Brows:  Long bristles prevent snagging allowing you to comb through layers of extensions.  Tapered tip for inner corners & touch-ups.  Perfect for grooming upper/lower lashes and brows.  

• Qty. 100

$13.99 (USD)

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Flocked Applicators | 100pc.

The flocked material is a non-linting, non-absorbent material specially designed to eliminate drips, spills & waste during your lash application. 

Applicator is used in cleaning along the lash line as well as curing and removal of unwanted lashes.  

• Professional Quality:  100pc.

• Sanitary Dispenser.  Labeled in English, French & Spanish


$9.99 (USD)

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Cosmetic Micro Brush | Super Fine, Fine & Reg.

Used to apply primers, cleansers and in precision spot removal of unwanted lashes.  Tips are lint-free, non-absorbent fiber to eliminate drips, spills and waste.

Shake Dispenser releases one applicator at a time, reducing cross contamination.

• Super Fine (1mm), Fine (1.5) & Regular (2mm),
• 100 pcs/container

Made in the USA

$6.99 (USD)

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