NEW PRODUCT | Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse Foam Cleanser

Chrissanthie is science based lid hygiene formula. Convenient, effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid and eyelashes! Proper eyelid hygiene is important for blepharitis, dry eye or other conditions. Gel formula contains tea tree and citrus extracts. Hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.


Featured in the May/June issue of Eye Lash magazine!  A random mix of three different lengths per row, creates a naturally full, layered look.

Face masks reduce exposure to particulates ...

Advanced carbon filtration reduces exposure to Cyanoacrylate adhesives & other harsh salon chemicals. The Carbon Mask is breathable, lightweight, sealing the filter. Adjustable ear loops and nose guard allow a personalized fit & long wearing comfort, with or without eye glasses or magnifiers. Nylon/Polyester shell, cotton/polyester, hard plastic, latex free elastic.

Carbon captures pollen, dander, mold, chemicals, fumes & vapors. Reduces particulates of 5 microns to 1 micron by 99-100%. Air Woven Powdered Carbon from activated coconut shells (cellulose based containing military grade steam activated carbon with no additives).

PremierBOND™ Medical Grade Adhesive

PremierBOND™ Medical Grade Adhesive is our most popular and highest performing adhesive. Clinically formulated by the leading medical adhesive specialists. 
Designed for maximum bonding strength and flexibility using pulverized rubber polymers. 


Lash Bomb .....

Beautiful work by grlashlounge. "One of my lash lovelies is moving to Chicago, naturally I sent her off with the fullest bombest set."

Take a look at all of the #premierLash #lashes at

Have you tried these yet ......

Mini Hydro Gel Eye Patches are specially designed for lash extensions. Featuring flex-form technology, easily re-position as needed. No gummy residue, will not cut or pull out lower lashes. 2 pairs per sachet.

Qty. 20 pairs
Latex Free
6 Month expiration date

Perfect for sensitive skin, the material is as soft and flexible as the skin we apply them to.

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To all of the Mum's, Mom's, Mommy's, Gram's, Grandma's, Yia Yia's, Oma's, Nona's out there ....

PremierLash Client Care Kits ...

The #PremierLash Client Care Kit's are designed to maintain lash extensions between fills.

Each Kit includes our Duo Foam Herbal Cleanser + Cleansing Brush along with our complementary Grooming Pack to keep lashes looking their best (5 full head mascara wands and travel container). Choose your favorite lash-friendly products including eyelash growth serum, felt tip eyeliner & protective sleeps masks to maintain lashes between fills.

Pink or Purple .... Which do you prefer?

Shipping out lots of the #PremierLash pink mascara wands this afternoon.


Now you can mount your Classic Elite, Ultra or Multimedia Light onto a low profile base to provide more foot and leg room.  

Low -profile acrylic base
Slides under beds and cabinets
Dimensions 16 X 12" (41 X 31cm) 

One year unconditional warranty for manufacturer's defect, loss of function, parts, shipping and service.